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Dutton General Store has watched over 68th Street in Dutton since 1871! It was the hub of activity then and I am sure the walls could tell unbelievable tales of happiness and sorrow, of war and peace, and of the changes throughout the century… tales of life. For a complete history (1871-1981), have fun reading “My Grandfather’s General Store”. . . CLICK HERE

In June of 1981, Shirley Besteman and Kathy Warner turned a dream into a reality! They purchased the landmark building from the estate of the last survivor of Charles Deming. Fascinated by a vacant old store with a lot of history, the pair could see possibilities that escaped the imaginations of others. With a lot of elbow grease and a lot of heart, the quaint store, which had graced Dutton under the same family for 110 years, reopened offering the antiques and crafts popular in those times. As it was long ago, they still viewed Dutton General as a place to laugh and share, to escape for a moment just for the fun of it!

Dutton General Store has become a barometer of the changes in decorating and society. Many of the customers who started their shopping experiences in strollers now bring their children for a taste of nostalgia. The clutter of yesterday’s decorating has evolved into a clean fresh comfortable style. Dutton General Store offers collectables because collectors are born everyday and collecting offers both excitement and comfort! The latest finds in home fashion offer special pieces that give your home its own personality! Our jewelry and accessories are perfect mood boosters! When you call, we will prepare a gift for your best friend or for your entire office. We are your personal assistant!!

Dutton General Store still stands today because it has met the needs of the community. Dutton General has created its own history and is still an adventure!!! If you are an old friend, please stop by. If you are a friend we haven’t met yet, we can hardly wait to meet you! Come and explore!

We’re always looking for different and unique items you won’t find anywhere else.